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Ruse was a Peninsula-based indie and alternative rock band that hit the scene in early 2019. The two guitarists and vocalists, Grant MacKenzie and Hunter Johnson, met years before and quickly bonded over their shared love of songwriting and 90s rock. They performed as a duo at several local venues, but were eager to find a drummer who could add more depth to their sound.


Once they connected with talented drummer Tai Hofmeister, the band really took off. Hunter recalls, “I met Tai from School of Rock a couple of months earlier and he hit me up and asked if we wanted to hang out. Typical Grant saw an opportunity and suggested for us all to hang out. We proposed a Battle of the Bands gig to Tai and shortly after he was in the band now called Ruse.” 


With all members in place, the trio began creating their own music in earnest, a sound filled with indie, folk, punk, and alt-rock flavor. With a dozen originals to their name, Ruse brings thoughtful lyrical themes and explosive energy to live shows throughout the Bay Area. Since its inception in April 2019, Ruse has performed over twenty times at numerous venues up and down the Peninsula, including the Facebook Festival, DNA Lounge, and The Catalyst. 


Scraping through broken bones and a global pandemic, Ruse released their debut album, "Set Out to Starve," on June 8th, 2020. "Set Out to Starve" can be found on any of your favorite streaming platforms. If there is one thing Ruse swears by, it is giving it their all. To keep up with their show schedule and their latest music, follow Ruse on Instagram @ruseband or on Facebook @WeAreRuse.

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Guitarist, Lead Singer




Guitarist, Bassist, Singer

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